Bearings for 5.2, 6 & 7k Axles

This post was written by James B. on April 26, 2018
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Having to replace trailer bearings is a confusing task, however, some bearings are much more confusing than others. The 5.2k, 6k & 7K bearings are a prime example of this.

The key reason for this confusion is that while all three are rated for different weight capacities, the Inside Diameters of each set is identical. Fortunately, by using a few references and knowing what to look for, we can make finding the correct replacements very simple.

The various identifying numbers can be seen here. They are ordered from left to right: 5.2k, 6k & 7k

Looking at these three examples we can see that while they have an identical inside diameter (ID), they are very different in cage size, roller size and outside diameter (OD).

So let’s begin with the basics. In an ideal world, we can find out which one of these three bearings we need by looking at the numbers stamped on them. Use this chart below for number based identification.

Outer Bearing Number Outer Bearing Size Inner Bearing Number Inner Bearing Size Weight Capacity Bolt Patterns
67048 1.25” 25580 1.75” 5200lbs Demountable*

6 on 5.5”

15123 1.25” 25580 1.75” 6000lbs 6 on 5.5”
14125 1.25” 25580 1.75” 7000lbs 8 on 6.5”


In the event that the bearings are destroyed or are no longer available, we have to identify them based on information other than bearing number. Like most trailer part identification, finding the correct part will involve a process of elimination. By using the chart below, we can see how all of the data is related.



Diameter of Dust Cap/Outer Race Bearing # Weight Capacity Typical Bolt Pattern
2.328” 67048 5200lbs Demountable or 6 lug
2.441” 15123 6000lbs 6 Lug
2.72” 14125 7000lbs 8 Lug

These dimensions can be measured as shown in the photos below.


Grease Seals


Replacing the Grease seal is the final step in this process. Usually there are only two seals ever used in conjunction with these bearing configurations. One seal has an Inside Diameter of 2.125” and the other 2.25”.


*This data below is simply informational and should be used to raise red flags if you have these brands. The parts should always be measured to ensure accuracy.*

Dexter brand axles made pre 1998 often used 2.125 and post 1998, 2.25”.

Loadrite and Magic Tilt axles often use 2.125” but also use 2.25″ as well.

Proper measurement of a grease or oil seal




Notable exceptions.

The world of trailer parts has and always will be filled with anomalies that go against the grain of established standards.

Some notable exceptions:

  1. There can be 6 on 5.5” hubs/drums/rotors that use 1.06” x 1.38” bearings. These can be weeded out by checking the brake flange on the axle. These will be used in conjunction with a 4 bolt brake flange as opposed to a 5 bolt brake flange.

    The 4 & 5 bolt brake flanges

  2. If you have demountable “mobile home” style drums, industry standards for these were very inconsistent. Having these should raise a red flag in your mind and you should over scrutinize the whole assembly to be certain your getting the right parts. Please use this blog for further assistance with demountable drums.
  3. There are many discrepancies amongst trailer parts in general, please contact us by phone to discuss your parts if there is any confusion. We can be reached at 1-800-453-7379 Monday-Thursday: 8-6 & Friday-Saturday: 8-5 Eastern Time.

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