Flexiride Torsion Axles

This post was written by James B. on July 19, 2017
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Our new Flexiride axles from the Universal Group provide one of the smoothest rides available for your trailer. Traditionally, trailer axles relied on the compression of leaf springs to allocate suspension support. Flexiride Torsion axles provide this needed support in a different way.  Using a hydraulic press, hardened steel shafts are pressed into into a solid rubber cartridge within the half axle tube. Torsion axles use the shear resistance of this steel rod within the stiff rubber cartridge to provide shock absorption. Torsion axles are able to provide better vibration dampening and shock absorption than their conventional leaf spring counterparts.


Flexiride axles are offered in a variety of weight capacities ranging 425 lbs to 7000lbs and in a variety of hub configurations. Several are available with bare spindles, idler hubs and electric or hydraulic drum brakes.

A unique feature of the Flexiride axles is that several are offered with an adjustable starting Angle. This attribute allows you to modify the ride height of your trailer. This makes their axles a more versatile replacement for traditional torsion axles that comes with a fixed start angle.

Another versatile benefit of the Flexiride torsion axles is their two piece half shaft design. Replacing a traditional torsion axle can be a problematic process. Unlike leaf spring axles, torsion axles typically have mounting brackets that are fixed at a preset length. This is due to the fact that a torsion axles mounting bracket is welded to the axle tube at the factory.

For people with utility trailers, the ability to weld the axle where it is required eliminates the need to have the mounting bracket be an exact match for your old one.

For the guys out there with a deep V Hull boat, the ability to weld the axle to your trailer eliminates the need to find a torsion axle with a drop “v” center. For those not already aware, when loading a boat with deep hull, the axle must be “v” shaped in the center accommodate loading and off loading the vessel. By offering the axle as two pieces, Flexiride axles are able to bypass the issue altogether.

Flexiride axles are mounted to a trailer in two different ways. Axles between 425lbs and 3500lbs have a separate weld on plate that once attached, will provide the bolt on mounting point for the axle. Axle that are 5200lbs and greater must be welded directly to the trailer.

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