KARAVAN Boat Trailer Parts Now In Stock!

  New product line announcement at Eastern Marine ~ Trailer Parts Superstore: KARAVAN Boat Trailer Parts including bunk & roller brackets, factory axles, fenders and a bunch of other KARAVAN brand name repair parts unique to their boat trailers now in stock! CLICK HERE to see our offering of KARAVAN Trailer Parts  

UFP Trailer Parts Now In Stock at Trailer Parts Superstore

New product line announcement at Eastern Marine ~ Trailer Parts Superstore: UFP Trailer Parts (Unique Functional Products) include the Trailer Buddy disc brake system, trailer brake actuators and a bunch of other UFP brand repair parts unique to boat trailers now in stock! Check out the UFP Trailer Brakes at http://www.easternmarine.com/UFP-Trailer-Disc-Brakes/ Or CLICK HERE view our entire […]


Many of our customers call Eastern Marine looking for ideas for easier loading and unloading their boats on their bunk trailers.  These trailers are usually several years old and have the original carpeted bunk boards in place.  Over time, the carpet absorbs dirt and contamination that causes increased drag on the boat hull.  Hulls with […]

December 2011 Trailer Parts Superstore Year-End Update

  Well, the year is almost over and the staff here at Trailer Parts Superstore would like to wish you and your loved ones a very safe, healthy & happy New Year in 2012. With cold weather covering the upper two thirds of the U.S. many of our recreational customers have put their Trailers, Boats […]

Do A Corrosion Check On Your Boat Trailer

If you have been towing a boat trailer for any length of time, then you probably have at least one roadside horror story to tell. Keeping a boat trailer safely on the road is not an easy task. Of course, salt water accelerates the corrosion process. Once a trailer is more that a couple of […]


Boat Trailers are different from other types of trailers and RVs because they get immersed in water (often salt water) and that accelerates corrosion or rust. A definition of corrosion is “development of metal oxides on the surface of a metal part”. With steel as the metal, iron oxides are the compounds that form rust […]


Most trailers owned by residential (non-business) owners are used for general utility or recreational use. Most of them, such as boat or snowmobile trailers, are used seasonally and then endure long periods in storage. Here are a few tips to keep your trailer in good shape for years and prevent costly replacement and repairs. It […]


In the past, boat trailer manufacturers designed trailers for large boats strictly with wobble rollers and they used the bunk style trailers for smaller boats. This has now changed and bunk trailers with 30 foot plus boats can now be often seen traveling on the roads. There are several points to consider when deciding which […]

Hydraulic Disc Brakes for RV’s & Electric Brake Trailers

The traditional braking system for Utility and RV trailers has been the standard electric drum brake. This design has been in use for decades without much change. While electric drum brake systems still perform well in most trailering applications, a more versatile braking option has recently emerged. Hydraulic Disc Brakes coupled with an Electric-over-Hydraulic Actuator […]


One of the major components of a trailer’s running gear is the leaf spring. These provide an inexpensive and effective method of cushioning the ride of a trailer, thus protecting the cargo on a trailer from the shock of rough road surfaces. The springs also protect the rest of the running gear e.g. axles from […]