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Fulton Trailer Lock

Unfortunately, we have many customers relate stories of their trailer being stolen. Often, the trailer is loaded with valuable tools or favorite toys like boats or snowmobiles etc. One particularly disturbing incident involved a trailer owned by a Boy Scout troop where they lost all their equipment. There are many options available to trailer owners to reduce their risk of theft. I want to review some of these in this article.

There are several strategies available to trailer owners to reduce their risk of theft, some as simple as a lock. All have some merit. The first position on the trailer that can be locked out is the coupler on the a-frame or trailer tongue. There are several versions of this type of lock available, but Fulton’s Universal Fit Coupler lock is very functional and cost-effective. Simply put, it is a heavy cast metal base with a ball to fill the coupler with a stainless bar over the lever lock to prevent access.
FULTON Universal Fit Trailer Coupler Lock #ULT1000600

If you want to reduce your risk when the trailer is coupled to the tow vehicle, try this:
DEADBOLT Class-3 & 4 Receiver Hitch Lock #RH3

If interested in keeping your wheels from turning to prevent theft, this would be helpful!
Lock’em Magnum Wheel Lock #RA25

And for a complete trailer security system, this is available with many accessories.
TRAILER DOG™ Security Alarm Systems

As you can see, there are several different strategies that can reduce your risk of having a valuable trailer stolen from your property and all can be viewed online at:


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