Advantages of L.E.D. Trailer Lights

Just like the camera industry is getting away from film and going to digital format, the trailer lighting industry is slowly starting to transfer to LED technology. As you drive down the road today you will see more and more cars with LED lighting. The tractor-trailer industry is embracing this technology, as it is a […]

Trailer Tires by LoadStar & Carlisle

After several years of answering customer questions on trailer tires, it is clear that a frequently asked question is “Where are they made”. In addition, there are many horror stories posted on different websites about new tires that delaminate, show sidewall stress cracking or fail catastrophically within a short time of purchase. Many of these […]

Hydraulic Trailer Brakes – Drum-to-Disc Conversion

There are two basic types of hydraulic trailer brakes typically seen on trailers: Drum brakes and Disc brakes. Drum brakes are an older style and use a hydraulically actuated wheel cylinder to force a pair of spring loaded brake “shoes” against the internal braking surface of brake drum, which also acts as the hub. Disc […]

Electric Trailer Brakes – Introduction

Electric brakes are a very common and reliable means to control your trailer while towing. They are used most often used on utility and smaller equipment trailers. When the time comes to repair or replace them there are many choices available. It can be confusing to decide what brakes or parts you need for your […]