Advantages of L.E.D. Trailer Lights

This post was written by ghoj on February 25, 2009
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L.E.D. Lights for Trailers

L.E.D. Lights for Trailers

Just like the camera industry is getting away from film and going to digital format, the trailer lighting industry is slowly starting to transfer to LED technology. As you drive down the road today you will see more and more cars with LED lighting. The tractor-trailer industry is embracing this technology, as it is a more reliable and cost effective method to illuminate their trucks and trailers.

There are several advantages to using LED lights. They require less amperage to operate then traditional incandescent lights. Since the LED emits light in a very narrow band wavelength, heat is not an issue. LED lights feel cool to the touch even during operation. LED lights stay brighter longer and can be seen during daylight hours much more easily then traditional light bulbs. This is a major advantage in safety allowing other drivers to see them from greater distances. Because they are based on a semiconductor diode this enables them to have an expected lifespan previously unheard of from traditional lights.

The only major disadvantage is the cost of manufacturing. This makes the initial investment to install them relatively high. But cost analysis tests have shown that with their longevity, in the long run they are a more cost effective lighting solution.

I am sure if you have any experience towing trailers chances are you have had lighting problems. They seem to happen at the most inopportune times and can stop a trip before it happens. With incandescent lights having spare bulbs is a must. Half of the time when one does go bad you can’t get the bulb out because it is rusted into the housing. I can’t begin to tell you how much money and time I have spent in the past replacing and repairing these lights.

Boat trailer owners experience more lighting problems then other types of trailers. When you back them into cold water your traditional bulbs are hot and the temperature contrast can shatter them. The best way to avoid this was to unplug your lights before you backed into the water. Since most new boat trailers come from the factory with disc brakes, when you backup you must have a reverse solenoid to allow this. This solenoid must be hooked up to your tow vehicle when backing up. Since you can’t unhook the trailer the lights are still operating and creating heat. LED lights don’t have this problem, as they do not create heat like incandescent lights.

If you are frustrated with replacing your trailers lights make the switch to LED lights. Eastern Marine stocks a wide variety of LED lights for many applications. Come visit us at our retail store in Newark, DE. Or visit us online at Trailer Parts Superstore – Lights for all you LED trailer lighting needs.

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