Hub Centric vs Lug Centric

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 Hub Centric Wheels are centered by the center bore of the wheel and the hub flange.  Lug Centric wheels are centered by the torque of the lug bolts; rather than the hub flange.
 HubCenter  LugCenter

There are two distinct types of wheels found on today’s Cars, Light Trucks, RV’s and Trailers.  There are Hub Centric wheels and there are Lug Centric wheels.

The most common automotive wheels are Hub Centric in design. The center hole of these wheels is the actual center bore of the wheel. These wheels can be properly mounted and accurately balanced using the standard cone system supplied with most off car computer balancers.

Many of today’s RV & Trailer wheels are Lug Centric in design. The center hole of a Lug Centric wheel is not the true center. These wheels cannot be accurately balanced using the normal automotive cone wheel balancer mounting system in use by most repair shops.

Many Lug Centric wheels may appear to be mounted correctly with the center cone system, but they cannot be accurately balanced. The wheel balancer will continue to either “chase weights” or the wheel will show signs of imbalance when re-mounted on the RV or Trailer.

To ensure an accurate balance, Lug Centric wheels must be mounted on the balancer through their lug bolt pattern. Lug Centric wheels, when mounted on the RV or Trailer, are centered by the torque of the lug bolts and not the center bore of the wheel.

The only way to properly balance Lug Centric is through their lug bolt pattern. This style wheel must be mounted to the computer balancer in the same manner as it is mounted on the vehicle…through the lug bolt pattern.

Lug centric mounting on the wheel balancer mimics the way the wheel is mounted to the vehicle. If you are balancing Lug Centric wheels, you must use an Atlas Universal Adaptor ™ or similar devise. The standard cone system will not work properly.

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