Karavan’s VIN Database

Karavan is a Trailer Manufacturer located in Fox Lake Wisconsin. Their name and products are synonymous with the Marine and Utility Trailer Industries. We at the Trailer Parts Superstore have partnered with Karavan to be a supplier for their line of OEM Replacement Parts. We stock a wide variety of the most commonly sought after components and can provide special order pricing for non stock items under certain circumstances.

Having researched your trailer prior to contacting us will substantially expedite and streamline the order process. As follows are instructions showing the very simple steps you will need to take.

Please keep in mind,

  • Karavan’s database only has records going back to roughly 2003-04.
  • Some records will be sparse at best or may have inconsistencies. You may need to call Karavan (1-920-928-6200) for additional clarification on their database.
  • If you see “No Records Available”, refresh the page and try again. If it continues to happen, your VIN is not in their database and you will need to contact Karavan directly for more information or measure the old parts as shown on our website.

First, go to Karavan’s website www.KaravanTrailers.com

From the home screen, you will scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the page and click on “Karavan Portal” as indicated by the green arrow below.


You will be redirected to Karavan’s database. The page may take several minutes to load. In the event you are directed to a page asking for a username and password, this is a known error. Simply refresh your web browser and you will be directed to a screen like the one below.

Next, type your 17 digit VIN number into the field directly to the right of “VIN Number (LIKE):” and click “Apply & Run Query” It could take over a minute to load the results.

The screen you see may list several pages of parts or could show very few options. The fastest way to sort through all your PDF files is to search in the last few pages of files and look for a PDF that shares the same name as your “Trailer Series”. The trailer series can be found on the upper half of the screen and its location is denoted by the green arrows in the photo below.

Click on “View Drawing” and you will be prompted to download the file.

Once you have downloaded and opened the file, you will see something similar to the drawing shown below. From the list of parts on the right, find the desired Karavan Part number and search our website.

If no such drawing can be found on your PDF list, you will have to browse through the selection page by page and read the item descriptions. If you find your VIN results are lacking this drawing, expect many PDF’s to return “Drawing Unavailable”.

Please keep in mind, we don’t offer every item Karavan has made so not every search will turn up results. If this is the case, you can contact our Special Order Department for availability, pricing and lead times (1-302-453-1358). Please leave a voice mail if there is no answer, someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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