Kodiak Vented Disc Brakes for Trailers

This post was written by ghoj on June 25, 2010
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Kodiak Trailer Disc brakes

Kodiak Trailer Disc brakes

The Trailer Disc Brake assemblies from KODIAK TRAILER COMPONENTS offer the following advanced features:
Corrosion Resistance is important on all types of trailers and of major consideration in salt water or other corrosive environments.
Kodiak pioneered the use of brass fittings, stainless steel guide bolts and sleeves, and stainless steel pistons as standard items in trailer disc brake calipers.
Kodiak rotors are offered with an E-coated finish, Silver Cadmium Plated, and Stainless Steel (not available in integral hub/rotors)
At a minimum, all Kodiak caliper castings and caliper mounting brackets are e-coated with options for silver cadmium plating or an all stainless steel product.
Note: On a stainless steel caliper, all parts are stainless steel except for the fittings, which are brass, and the backing plate on the friction pads, which are zinc plated carbon steel.

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