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This post was written by ghoj on March 21, 2017
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Trailer Parts Superstore is now offering a line of Nitrogen filled tires from LionsHead. These new tire and wheel combos are offered with either Steel or Aluminum rims. They are also available with either Castle Rock or West Lake ST tires. While we have always stocked a large variety of trailer tires, these tires represent an innovative and new option in our selection. For those not familiar, using pure Nitrogen provides a longer lasting and more durable tire. Lastly, LionsHead’s industry leading warranty program provides customers with new found peace of mind, which you can’t put a price on.

West Lake and Castle Rock tires are both manufactured using highly durable nylon and steel chords as well as premium rubber. They are offered exclusively in a Radial tread as opposed to Bias-Ply. They are sturdy and have proven themselves resistant against the most unforgiving road conditions. Both tires are an excellent option for any trailer application and were purposely created to withstand the demanding nature of towing. With their unique tread design and Radial fabrication they are able to maintain the maximum traction between tire and road, their benefits are only enhanced when paired with Nitrogen.

In spite of the fact that Nitrogen tires are a relatively new concept for trailers, it has been used in the tires of everything from construction equipment to automobiles. Nitrogen use is beneficial for a number of reasons. Traditionally, air filled tires were prone to a buildup of internal moisture. This is because while air does contain Nitrogen, it is actually about 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% other but contains a variable amount of water vapor. This moisture can enable internal tire rot, inadvertently leading to premature failure.  Moisture buildup ceases to occur with Nitrogen.  Because of Nitrogen’s purity, it is inert, noncombustible and non-corrosive and it is unaffected by changes in external temperature. This means that Nitrogen filled tires maintain a more consistent PSI for a longer period of time. Tires filled with Nitrogen can also provide upwards of a 10% increase in fuel economy and have been shown to reduce tire failure by 75%. According to the NITROFILL™ website, estimates put the enhanced tire life as high as 50%.

These tires carry a duel warranty from both LionsHead as well as NITROFILL™. LionsHead’s warranty provides coverage against manufacturer’s defects and any claims can be placed with them directly by providing specifications as well as photos of your tires damage. NITROFILL™ offers a comprehensive warranty that covers everything from replacement tires to towing as well as numerous other added benefits. Simply register your tires with NITROFILL upon purchase to take advantage of these benefits.

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