Measuring A Boat Trailer Wobble Roller

This post was written by ghoj on July 23, 2014
Posted Under: Trailer Rollers

Wobble Rollers are found on boat trailers that have a hand winch or power winch to pull the boat up onto the trailer.  The rollers are designed to provide a minimum amount of resistance and allow the boat to roll up to the winch stand.  The way the rollers are mounted is supposed to help center the boat as well. When replacing the wobble rollers on your boat trailer there are a few key measurements to take before purchasing.

Overall Roller Dimensions:
Measure the Diameter of the roller and the width of the roller

Bushing ID:
Measure the inside diameter of the bushing/The size of the opening from top to bottom.

Shaft Diameter:
Measure the diameter of the shaft at its widest point (some may not be completely round).

NOTE:  Shaft Diameter and Bushing ID should always be different. The difference is usually 3/32” but can vary. The difference is what will allow the roller to wobble.

Bushing/Bearing Length:
Measure the distance through the center of the bushing from one edge to the other.

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