Metric Trailer Hubs & 25mm Bearings Now Available

This post was written by ghoj on October 2, 2012
Posted Under: Trailer Axles, Hubs & Springs
Metric Trailer Bearings

Metric Trailer Bearings

Trailer Parts Superstore is now offering a selection of
METRIC sized trailer axles, wheel bearings, grease seals, dust caps and complete hub kits.

The 25mm trailer bearing is just a little smaller then a 1″ bearing, and is becoming more common on light-duty trailer applications in the United States.  Initial uses were seen on little red Utility trailers imported from China by mass merchants such as Harbor Freight.  More recently, domestic boat trailer manufacturers such as Venture Trailers have started to use Metric size axle spindles & bearings on some of their light weight boat trailers.

The 25mm metric trailer bearing is not readily available, so having a spare set or even a complete wheel hub on hand for roadside emergencies could save your day.

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