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Remote Control Bow Latch

Remote Control Bow Latch

Those of us who own trailer boats have experienced the satisfaction of quickly launching and retrieving our boats with an experienced crew who know exactly what they are doing. For example, one crew member backs the trailer in, another holds the dock lines and the third takes care of the trailer winch. Snap your fingers and you are on your way to your boating or fishing destination. However, if you try this with an inexperienced crew or by yourself, things often do not go as smoothly. Now, there is new technology called the SNAPPER that helps make launching or retrieving your boat much easier.

This device is marketed by Epco Products and is designed specifically to simplify the boat launching / retrieval process making your time at the ramp shorter and safer.

The Snapper is mounted on the winch mount bracket of the trailer in position to attach to the bow eye of the boat. It comes with two different extended bow eyes for the boat so that the connection is made problem-free. Using the remote control, the operator can activate the Snapper to either release or engage whether in the truck, or driving the boat onto the trailer. This can all be done without getting in the water or walking out on the trailer frame, which improves the safety of launching and loading.

The Snapper is made from durable polyurethane so that will last for many years. It will be of great advantage to those boaters who use their boats engine to power on to the trailer.

Check out a Demo Video and find more information about the Snapper at the following link: SNAPPER BOAT LATCH SYSTEM

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