Race Ramps!!

This post was written by ghoj on April 21, 2016
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TrailerRamps_HOwToRace Ramps trailer ramps make loading and unloading low profile vehicles and equipment a stress free task. The end of the ramp is notched to seat your trailer ramp easily and securely. The added distance the Race Ramps provide allow for an incredible decrease in the approach angle for what is being loaded. This is perfect for any car show enthusiast that has a lowered or exotic car that they haul and worries about damaging the front or “bottoming out” when taking the vehicle on and off the trailer.

In the past many people used either a cut 2×4 or 2×6 to prevent scrapping during loading and unloading. The problem with wood is that it can age and weaken over time. The wood you get at a store also doesn’t have a weight rating which forces you to guess what would be appropriate for your need. With 7112005_xl2race ramps the composite material is both lightweight and strong so it will greatly outlast the life of a wooden board. Each Race Ramp will also have a weight rating giving you the confidence that it will never fail while loading and unloading. Unlike the wood alternative Race Ramps have a no-skid bottom so you never have to worry about sliding or shifting while loading and unloading.

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