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Rusty Trailer Parts

Owners of older trailers know that replacing the hardware like axle u-bolts, brake fasteners and lug nuts is a major chore. Boat trailers (especially salt water) are the worst- case scenarios. Below are some ideas on how to make this job easier.

The Trailer Parts Superstore carries 3 different brands:
CRC Freeze-Off 11.5oz #05002
CRC Ultra Screwloose® Super Penetrant, 11oz. #05330
B’LASTER® PB Penetrating Catalyst, 11oz. #16PB
The most recognized of these is PB Blaster.

While scanning through some related websites the other day, I saw a thread that referenced a study done by the magazine “MACHINISTS WORKSHOP” comparing several commercially available products. The study was based on application of commercial penetrants on similar corroded hardware with the test measurement being wrench torque required to loosen the bolt. Amazingly enough, a 50% mixture of automatic transmission fluid and acetone tested the best by far.  Take your favorite penetrant and apply to hardware for several days in a row

The best thing to use is a long handled breaker bar with the appropriate socket. The long handle will allow more torque on the corroded hardware than a short handled ratchet. If the bolt will not release, it may be possible to snap off the bolt.

I have had success with a reciprocating saw (sawzall) but an electric or air grinder or cutting tool may be better and safer.

Try to use galvanized or stainless steel hardware to prevent premature corrosion.

These penetrating fluids and many replacement hardware items are available on Trailer Parts Superstore

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