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Boat Trailer Parts

Boat Trailers are different from other types of trailers and RVs because they get immersed in water (often salt water) and that accelerates corrosion or rust. A definition of corrosion is “development of metal oxides on the surface of a metal part”. With steel as the metal, iron oxides are the compounds that form rust (Fe2O3/FeOOH). Rust starts on the surface but if not corrected, will corrode the part until it fails. If this happens, the part will need to be replaced. Finding parts for specific brands of boat trailer is not easy because many manufacturers have closed their operations years ago.

The traditional method to help retard corrosion in boat trailer components is to galvanize using hot dip zinc. Zinc electro-plating will help but due to the plating porosity, corrosion will gradually erode the part. Aluminum is also frequently used as a material.

Eastern Marine specializes in replacement parts for boat trailers. Just about any part you need is available including axles, leaf springs, brakes, winch post parts, etc. If you have a Load Rite trailer; then select LOADRITE Factory Trailer Parts. If you have an EZ Loader trailer, select EZ-LOADER Factory Trailer Parts .

It a few weeks we will be offering a new product line that will be of interest to owners of older boat trailers… the galvanized square tube universal axle. These 2” x 2” axles will be supplied by Tie Down Engineering and be available in 2000 lb rating (up to 96 inch overall length) with a 1-1/16” straight spindle. The 3500 lb axles will also be available up to 96” overall length with a standard 1-3/8” x 1-1/16” spindle with brake flange. What makes them universal is that the customer will have to drill holes in the tube for the spring seat position exactly as it is on the axle being replaced. This position varies for each trailer manufacturer. We would recommend treating the drilled area with a corrosion preventive product.

This new product will be just the ticket for owners of discontinued trailer brands like Calkins, Cox, Shoreline, Holsclaw, Escort, Long, Dilly, Performance etc. and can be seen at TRAILER PARTS SUPERSTORE

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