Replacing RV Vents and Covers

This post was written by ghoj on December 26, 2017
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Vents are an important part of any recreational vehicle. They are designed to keep fresh air circulating throughout your motor home, release cooking fumes and other odors and reduce humidity created by your shower. Because of their location, vents take a beating. They are exposed to constant direct sunlight as well as bearing the brunt of any inclement weather. All of this means that they will wear out and eventually require replacement.

Replacing your RV Vent and related components is quite simple. One of the most common questions we are asked here at Eastern Marine is “which vent do I need for my RV?” Finding the answer to this question requires simple measurements and in some cases, visual identification.

Vent Replacement

First and foremost, we have to remove the old vent to measure the “rough opening”. Most of the time, your standard rough opening should measure somewhere in the ballpark of 14.25” x 14.25”. There will however always be exceptions to the rule and we have to measure first to be sure. Once we’ve found our rough opening, we have to decide what other features we desire in our vents. For example,  some vents have an electrically powered fan that assists in increasing air flow. Other vents have semi translucent or galvanized steel cover. When replacing the whole vent, you should also replace all of the seals and screws which can be purchased as a kit. We also offer replacement garnish rings in varying depths. Once you have identified this information, one can be chosen from the list of vents.

Cover Replacement

When replacing the cover only, we have to look at two equally important parts of the cover, the dimensions and the hinge style. The same general dimension rule applies to covers only, most will be 14″ x 14″ but we must still measure to be certain. After we have determined the dimensions of our cover, we have to identify the hinge style.  The easiest way to do this is to use the reference photos below provided by Camco. All of our replacement covers can be found here.


Sometimes all you need is that replacement knob or a new fan blade for your vent. In addition to vent assemblies and covers, we offer a number of accessories and replacement parts. We have everything from replacement 12v fan motors to insulation panels that can all be found here.

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