RV Folding Steps

This post was written by ghoj on October 18, 2017
Posted Under: RV / Camper Parts

In an effort to continually offer new and useful Recreational Vehicle products to our customers, we would like to highlight the availability of Lippert RV & Camper Entry Steps. Our selection consists exclusively of the “Kwikee” and “Tread Lite” step series. They each offer their own unique features and are both designed to meet a variety of consumer demands.

Kwikee Steps

Lippert’s Kwikee steps are electrically powered and are actuated via a sturdy 12v DC motor with fully sealed electrical connections. The DC motor drives a solid steel rod that is encased in a durable stainless steel sleeve. To increase the quality and durability of their steps, Lippert constructs every Kwikee using air pressed rivets at all pivot points. With occasional greasing to the rivets you can ensure years of continuous use. Each Kwikee assembly features steps with built in grip surfaces that are garnished with high visibility reflective yellow strips. Kwikee steps are capable of supporting up to 750 pounds and are available in single, double and triple step assemblies. They are mounted by bolting directly to the frame of your RV or Travel Trailer via pre-drilled bolt holes.

Tread Lite

Tread Lite steps are Lippert’s top of the line Assembly. They are functional, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and fully automated. The Tread Lite steps are actuated via a sturdy 12v DC motor and offer a number of additional features over the Kwikee series. Tread Lites have integrated LED lighting to provide better visibility as well as anti slip coated surfaces to ensure solid footing. They can also be synced to auto extend and retract with your RV’s door. As an added safety feature, the steps are able to detect obstructions in their path. The steps can also be extended indefinitely while camping by using the “hold cycle” switch. They are constructed with anodized aluminum and on average run 13lbs lighter than the average competitors equivalent assembly. They are also available in single, double and triple step assemblies and are capable of supporting up to 350 pounds. Tread Lite steps will have to be bolted directly the frame of your RV or travel Trailer using pre-drilled holes.

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