RV Winterizing Products

This post was written by ghoj on January 6, 2020
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The Trailer Parts Superstore is an excellent source for your RV winterizing needs. We offer a wide array of products tailor made to protect your investments and ease the hassles of winterizing.

The Camco Plastic Cleaner & Polish is a superior product for pre-winter maintenance and is ideal for use on the many glass, plexiglass and vinyl surfaces found in RV’s and Campers. It works by settling into and sealing the pores in the plastic’s surface and leaves behind a protective coating that is not only UV resistant but also prevents the hardening and browning that aged plastics are notorious for. It’s not only useful for preserving new plastics but is great for restoring life back into a fatigued interior.

In addition to Camco’s Plastic Cleaner & Polish, we also stock their two step Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Cleaner and Roof Protector. The cleaner works by breaking away the dirt, stains and oxidation that gather on your roof through regular use. Once the Cleaner has been rinsed away and the surface has dried, follow up with the Protectant. The Protectant coating is UV resistant and works by preventing grime from sticking to the surface of your roof through an anti-static additive. The combined use of the Cleaner and Protectant will effectively extend the life of any rubber roof and make subsequent seasonal clean-ups easier.

Another great product is the Starbrite No Damp Dehumidifier Tub. The included 12oz packet is capable of absorbing more than its own weight in moisture and when used in a confined area, it is able to reduce moisture to levels where mold and odors can not effectively grow and develop. They are ideal for use in RV’s, Campers, Sheds, Boats and so much more. Once the included initial packet has reached the end of its effective life, you can simply add more to the tub by purchasing Starbrite 120z replacement packs, available as singles or in packs of four.

These quality products and many more can be found directly on our website. We offer an abundance of first-rate RV accessories as well as an ever expanding line of suspension, brake and axle parts for RV’s and Trailers.

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