Boat Trailer Disc Brakes, What you need to know.

Disc brakes are not all created equally.  Where and how you use them should help you decide on what to buy. Today’s disc brakes typically come in three types: painted or E-coat/ Dacromet coating, or stainless steel. The calipers are made the same, with some manufacturers offering them in aluminum also. If you plan to […]

Drum to Disc Brake Conversion

Converting old drum brake systems to updated disc brake systems is becoming more and more popular.  There are several reasons for these conversions but the most prominent being that a disc brake system is just more efficient.  Other reasons include ease of maintenance and the longevity of the system.  There are three main components of […]

Summer Brake Check

Summertime has come at last, a glorious time of cookouts and lounging by the pool in the blistering heat sipping on cool drinks. Some of us even weather the trip down to the beach on the packed highways and byways full of cars racing to get to the sand and the smell of salt water […]

Pre-Season Check List.

Its that time of the year again to go through your pre-season trailer check list.  There are several things to check or maintain on your trailer on an annual basis before the heavy usage begins.  These things help to ensure the trailer is in tip top shape and most importantly safe.  Most of the things […]

UFP Trailer Parts Now In Stock at Trailer Parts Superstore

New product line announcement at Eastern Marine ~ Trailer Parts Superstore: UFP Trailer Parts (Unique Functional Products) include the Trailer Buddy disc brake system, trailer brake actuators and a bunch of other UFP brand repair parts unique to boat trailers now in stock! Check out the UFP Trailer Brakes at Or CLICK HERE view our entire […]

Trailer Brake Fluid tips from Tie Down Engineering

Tie Down Engineering recommends changing brake fluid every two years for marine trailers and every three years for utility trailers. Brake fluid is one of the most neglected fluid in vehicles today, yet is vitally important for safe towing. Consequently, trailer owners should check the fluid in both the tow vehicle and the trailer on […]

Kodiak Vented Disc Brakes for Trailers

The Trailer Disc Brake assemblies from KODIAK TRAILER COMPONENTS offer the following advanced features: Corrosion Resistance is important on all types of trailers and of major consideration in salt water or other corrosive environments. Kodiak pioneered the use of brass fittings, stainless steel guide bolts and sleeves, and stainless steel pistons as standard items in […]

Hydraulic Disc Brakes for RV’s & Electric Brake Trailers

The traditional braking system for Utility and RV trailers has been the standard electric drum brake. This design has been in use for decades without much change. While electric drum brake systems still perform well in most trailering applications, a more versatile braking option has recently emerged. Hydraulic Disc Brakes coupled with an Electric-over-Hydraulic Actuator […]

Hydraulic Trailer Brakes – Drum-to-Disc Conversion

There are two basic types of hydraulic trailer brakes typically seen on trailers: Drum brakes and Disc brakes. Drum brakes are an older style and use a hydraulically actuated wheel cylinder to force a pair of spring loaded brake “shoes” against the internal braking surface of brake drum, which also acts as the hub. Disc […]

Electric Trailer Brakes – Introduction

Electric brakes are a very common and reliable means to control your trailer while towing. They are used most often used on utility and smaller equipment trailers. When the time comes to repair or replace them there are many choices available. It can be confusing to decide what brakes or parts you need for your […]