Hub Centric vs Lug Centric

 Hub Centric Wheels are centered by the center bore of the wheel and the hub flange.  Lug Centric wheels are centered by the torque of the lug bolts; rather than the hub flange.     There are two distinct types of wheels found on today’s Cars, Light Trucks, RV’s and Trailers.  There are Hub Centric […]

Decoding Metric Trailer Tire Sizes

For someone who might not be familiar with the numbers and letters on a TRAILER TIRE, replacing one could prove frustrating. We will break down the metric size designation found on most trailer tires so that identifying your needs should be simple.  For an example we will be identifying the meaning of the numbers and […]

Trailer Tires & What to Consider

There are many things to consider when determining which Trailer Tire is right for your trailer.  We are going to discuss the main points that need to be addressed when outfitting your trailer with new Trailer Tires. Should you use Radial or Bias-Ply? Should you use Load range C or Load Range D? Do I […]

RV Time!!

It’s the great American summer, kids off school, everyone taking vacations and planning road trips with their RV’s that sat waiting through the long winter for this opportunity. Dust everything off, fire everything up and load that puppy up. It’s time to go where you’ve never gone before, see things you always wanted to see […]

What Causes Uneven Tread Wear?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer.  There are a multitude of problems that will cause uneven tire wear and sometimes it has nothing to do with the tire at all.  It can be caused by anything from the hitch height on the tow vehicle all the way back to your suspension on the trailer.  We […]

Pre-Season Check List.

Its that time of the year again to go through your pre-season trailer check list.  There are several things to check or maintain on your trailer on an annual basis before the heavy usage begins.  These things help to ensure the trailer is in tip top shape and most importantly safe.  Most of the things […]

Winter Storage Tips for Better Trailer Tire Life

A few simple winter storage procedures can go a long way in adding years of service life to your trailer tires.  Quite often overlooked while performing winterization of Boats or Campers are the trailer components that keep your rig going safely down the road.  The rubber trailer tires are especially susceptible to premature weather damage if […]

Heavy-Duty ‘LT’ Light Truck/Trailer Tires

‘LT’ signifies the tire is a “Light Truck/Trailer” series that can be used on trailers that are capable of carrying heavy cargo such as equipment trailers. ‘LT’ tires are commonly found on medium to heavy-duty utility trailers, race car trailers, cargo trailers, dump trailers and livestock trailers.  The higher capacity requirements of these vehicles require using a heavier […]


Here, at the Trailer Parts Superstore, we offer a huge selection of trailer tires and wheels. Each customer has their own set of requirements, from price to place of manufacture. We have endeavored to offer a large variety of tires to fit almost any customer’s needs. In this mix, are both Bias-Ply and Radial tires. […]

Trailer Tires by LoadStar & Carlisle

After several years of answering customer questions on trailer tires, it is clear that a frequently asked question is “Where are they made”. In addition, there are many horror stories posted on different websites about new tires that delaminate, show sidewall stress cracking or fail catastrophically within a short time of purchase. Many of these […]