Winter Storage Tips for Better Trailer Tire Life

This post was written by ghoj on November 30, 2012
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Trailer Tire Storage Tips

Tire Storage Tips

A few simple winter storage procedures can go a long way in adding years of service life to your trailer tires.  Quite often overlooked while performing winterization of Boats or Campers are the trailer components that keep your rig going safely down the road.  The rubber trailer tires are especially susceptible to premature weather damage if not properly maintained during long periods of inactivity.

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Here is a ‘Short List’ of some tips to consider for proper trailer tire storage:

1) Keep tire pressure at or slightly below the rated maximum PSI listed on the sidewall

2) Place a 10 x 7 or similar concrete paver under each tire if it is to be stored on non-paved surfaces

3) Make sure the valve stem interior is free of dirt, and always use a valve stem cap

4) Cover the tires with Storage Covers to keep out damaging UV sunlight

5) If practical, jack up trailer so that tires are just off the ground and support under frame rail (not under axle)

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