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Trailer Jacks
Trailer jacks are designed to ease loading and unloading of a trailer from the hitch ball, as well as raising trailer to a proper storage angle. Below are some basic mounting and safety tips to help you get the most from your trailer jack.

SAFETY:  It is important to keep in mind that the weight capacity of the Trailer Jack does not need to equal the weight of the trailer. The trailer jack weight capacity should be based on the tongue weight of the trailer which should be 8%-12% of the total weight of the Trailer. When cranking or coupling trailer, secure trailer from rolling with chocks on both sides. These trailer jacks are designed for vertical loading, excessive side forces should be avoided. When using optional foot plate or caster, always remove foot plate or caster before Trailering. Also, remember to raise swing-away jacks to storage position before Trailering.

MOUNTING: Before mounting your trailer jack, check for interference from recessed ball mounts, the trailer coupler, and the hitch or vehicle bumper. Rotate the jack handle to check that the swing is not obstructed. If the jack is of the swing-away or swivel design, check the unit in both the vertical and horizontal positions. When the swing-away jack is in the horizontal or storage position, there should not be any interference from structural members of the trailer or the trailer coupler. Make sure that the swing-away jack does not come in contact with the tow vehicle when making a tight turn while in the storage position. On all jacks, check that proper ground clearance has been achieved.

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