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LOADSTAR Bias-Ply Trailer Tire

LOADSTAR Bias-Ply Trailer Tire

Here, at the Trailer Parts Superstore, we offer a huge selection of trailer tires and wheels. Each customer has their own set of requirements, from price to place of manufacture. We have endeavored to offer a large variety of tires to fit almost any customer’s needs. In this mix, are both Bias-Ply and Radial tires.

What is the difference between the two designs and how can this impact you?

The difference is the way the tires are constructed as well as the materials used. Bias ply tires have the plies (layers of rubberized nylon or polyester mesh) laid in at a 30 – 45 degree angle to the centerline of the tire and in alternating directions. There are usually fiberglass belts added for strength.

In the Radial design, Polyester cords are laid in and overlapped at 90 degrees to the centerline of the tire and then steel mesh belts are added. The Radial design prevents the point of contact (where the rubber meets the road) from deforming, unlike the Bias Ply, which does deform under load.

There are a number of benefits to the Radial design for the trailer operator.
1) Softer, smoother, quieter ride
2) Improved fuel economy
3) Flat, wider footprint for better tire wear
4) Runs cooler than a bias ply, minimizing risk of a blowout on the highway
5) Longer tire life
6) Better tracking – Improved sway control

The main benefit for the Bias-Ply design is that the sidewall is more rugged and bruise resistant, plus Bias-Ply tires are usually less expensive. This could be an important consideration in a trailer application because many trailers are used infrequently, minimizing some of the Radial’s benefits.

Here at the Trailer Parts Superstore, we carry both RADIAL and BIAS PLY tires in many different sizes from LoadStar and Carlisle . Check out our complete offering at

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