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Here, at the Trailer Parts Superstore, we often get calls from frustrated customers who have found out that their trailer has been outfitted with a suspension salvaged from a mobile home transport.  A little history: when mobile homes were first being introduced, some of the builders asked the Dexter Axle Co. to develop a low cost suspension system for limited use only for the transport of the mobile homes of the day.  Dexter developed a suspension that was accepted and was in wide use during the heyday of the mobile home.  This system was not approved by DOT, but approved by HUD (Housing and Urban Development).  It was called the MHA (Mobile Home Axle) and was supposed to be disposable.  Unfortunately, opportunists would salvage these suspensions and re-use them on old trailers and even new trailers.

This suspension consisted of an axle with drum brakes and springs. Even though the axle could be rated at 6000lb, the spindle, bearings and hub de-rated it to 4500 lb.  The brake assembly backing plates were welded to the spindle and they could be rebuilt but not replaced.  Brake rebuild parts can still be ordered directly from Dexter. The springs were a low quality mono-leaf and can be replaced with a 25.25” double eye leaf spring.

25-1/4″ Double Eye Trailer Leaf Spring (4 leaves) #US-1067

The inner bearings are 68148
Timken® 1-3/8″ Bearing Cup & Cone Set #17

and the outer bearings are 67048
Timken® 1-1/4″ Bearing Cup & Cone Set #6

The wheel that is used is called the “Demountable” rim.
Demountable Trailer Wheel Rim and Tire

with a tire like this:
LOADSTAR 8-14.5″ LT Heavy Duty Tire, Load Range G

and matches with the Demountable Brake Drum
DEXTER 12″x2″ 5-Spoke Wheel-Drum Kit: Demountable 6k UTG Axles

that mounts with
DEXTER Rim Clamp for Demountable Drum

Dexter Axle also developed a more flexible system called the MHU (mobile home utility) that allowed users to change to standard drums and wheels and used replaceable Brake assemblies. This system was rated at 6k, had larger bearings more expensive and not as prevalent in the market place as the MHA.

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