LUCAS OIL Products Sold Here

Trailer Parts Superstore sells LUCAS OIL products for Land and Sea uses. Lucas Oil is as a worldwide leader in the lubrication industry featuring a line of motor oils, greases, gear lubes, problem-solving additives and more.

Choose from over 65 items manufactured by LUCAS OIL including Marine Grease, Red “N” Tacky Grease, X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease, Gear Oil, 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Oil, 2-Cycle Outboard Motor Oil, Trailer Brake Fluid, Fuel Stabilizer, Ethanol Fuel Conditioner and many other products.


Trailer Parts Superstore now offers an expanded selection of factory original KNOTT trailer parts commonly found on top name brand boat trailers including: Karavan, EZ-Loader, LoadRite and Triton.

Shop for trailer couplers, tongue jacks, disc brake rotors & caliper

Check out our selection of KNOTT Trailer Parts online at: TRAILER PARTS SUPERSTORE


Eastern Marine / Trailer Parts Superstore sells a wide variety of Anglers Aluminum Products , Fish-N-Mate and other surf fishing equipment that will outfit your beach vehicle. Angler’s Fish-N-Mate products are know for their quality anodized aluminum construction that withstands even the harshest saltwater environments. Shop for: vehicle mount aluminum rod holders, hitch adapters, aluminum cooler racks, cooler rack add-ons, aluminum cart-caddy, automatic tire deflators, 12V portable air compressors, folding shovels, jacks, tow straps and many more surf fishing accessories.

Eastern Marine, the parent company of Trailer Parts Superstore, offers a wide selection of Boating, Fishing & Crabbing equipment from selected brand name manufacturers. We hope that you enjoy shopping our Boating, Fishing & Crabbing equipment in addition to our huge selection of trailer parts & accessories. Trailer Parts Superstore & Eastern Marine products can be combined in the same shopping cart. Thanks for shopping at Eastern Marine!


Trailer Jacks
Trailer jacks are designed to ease loading and unloading of a trailer from the hitch ball, as well as raising trailer to a proper storage angle. Below are some basic mounting and safety tips to help you get the most from your trailer jack.

SAFETY:  It is important to keep in mind that the weight capacity of the Trailer Jack does not need to equal the weight of the trailer. The trailer jack weight capacity should be based on the tongue weight of the trailer which should be 8%-12% of the total weight of the Trailer. When cranking or coupling trailer, secure trailer from rolling with chocks on both sides. These trailer jacks are designed for vertical loading, excessive side forces should be avoided. When using optional foot plate or caster, always remove foot plate or caster before Trailering. Also, remember to raise swing-away jacks to storage position before Trailering.

MOUNTING: Before mounting your trailer jack, check for interference from recessed ball mounts, the trailer coupler, and the hitch or vehicle bumper. Rotate the jack handle to check that the swing is not obstructed. If the jack is of the swing-away or swivel design, check the unit in both the vertical and horizontal positions. When the swing-away jack is in the horizontal or storage position, there should not be any interference from structural members of the trailer or the trailer coupler. Make sure that the swing-away jack does not come in contact with the tow vehicle when making a tight turn while in the storage position. On all jacks, check that proper ground clearance has been achieved.

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SEA LION / TIDEWATER Factory Boat Trailer Parts

Sea Lion Trailer Parts

SEA LION Trailers, Inc. has been manufacturing quality boat trailers since 1957 in the Philadelphia, PA region. TIDEWATER Trailers has been doing the same for the last 18 years… and both continue to update their product line. Newer aluminum I-beam boat trailer models have been added to the conventional hot-dipped galvanized frame line-up for increased selection.

Now you can shop for OEM replacement parts for these premium boat trailer lines at Trailer Parts Superstore®. We are currently adding over 100 popular factory replacement Sea Lion Trailer parts & Tidewater Trailer parts.

Combine our new Sea Lion Trailer parts product offering with thousands of other trailer repair parts & accessories on our site and you’ll quickly see that Trailer Parts Superstore® is your one-stop-shop for everything Boat Trailer!

Since 1981, Trailer Parts Superstore® has served America with our unique blend of Discount Boating, Fishing, RV and Trailer Parts & Equipment. For close to 40 years our core specialization and distribution of Trailer Parts has continued to grow in size and scope. While other parts stores try to match our selection & service (some even copy our registered trade name), none have come close to offering the wide selection of OEM parts only found here!

RV Winterizing Products

The Trailer Parts Superstore is an excellent source for your RV winterizing needs. We offer a wide array of products tailor made to protect your investments and ease the hassles of winterizing.

The Camco Plastic Cleaner & Polish is a superior product for pre-winter maintenance and is ideal for use on the many glass, plexiglass and vinyl surfaces found in RV’s and Campers. It works by settling into and sealing the pores in the plastic’s surface and leaves behind a protective coating that is not only UV resistant but also prevents the hardening and browning that aged plastics are notorious for. It’s not only useful for preserving new plastics but is great for restoring life back into a fatigued interior.

In addition to Camco’s Plastic Cleaner & Polish, we also stock their two step Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Cleaner and Roof Protector. The cleaner works by breaking away the dirt, stains and oxidation that gather on your roof through regular use. Once the Cleaner has been rinsed away and the surface has dried, follow up with the Protectant. The Protectant coating is UV resistant and works by preventing grime from sticking to the surface of your roof through an anti-static additive. The combined use of the Cleaner and Protectant will effectively extend the life of any rubber roof and make subsequent seasonal clean-ups easier.

Another great product is the Starbrite No Damp Dehumidifier Tub. The included 12oz packet is capable of absorbing more than its own weight in moisture and when used in a confined area, it is able to reduce moisture to levels where mold and odors can not effectively grow and develop. They are ideal for use in RV’s, Campers, Sheds, Boats and so much more. Once the included initial packet has reached the end of its effective life, you can simply add more to the tub by purchasing Starbrite 120z replacement packs, available as singles or in packs of four.

These quality products and many more can be found directly on our website. We offer an abundance of first-rate RV accessories as well as an ever expanding line of suspension, brake and axle parts for RV’s and Trailers.

Karavan’s VIN Database

Karavan is a Trailer Manufacturer located in Fox Lake Wisconsin. Their name and products are synonymous with the Marine and Utility Trailer Industries. We at the Trailer Parts Superstore have partnered with Karavan to be a supplier for their line of OEM Replacement Parts. We stock a wide variety of the most commonly sought after components and can provide special order pricing for non stock items under certain circumstances.

Having researched your trailer prior to contacting us will substantially expedite and streamline the order process. As follows are instructions showing the very simple steps you will need to take.

Please keep in mind,

  • Karavan’s database only has records going back to roughly 2003-04.
  • Some records will be sparse at best or may have inconsistencies. You may need to call Karavan (1-920-928-6200) for additional clarification on their database.
  • If you see “No Records Available”, refresh the page and try again. If it continues to happen, your VIN is not in their database and you will need to contact Karavan directly for more information or measure the old parts as shown on our website.

First, go to Karavan’s website

From the home screen, you will scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the page and click on “Karavan Portal” as indicated by the green arrow below.


You will be redirected to Karavan’s database. The page may take several minutes to load. In the event you are directed to a page asking for a username and password, this is a known error. Simply refresh your web browser and you will be directed to a screen like the one below.

Next, type your 17 digit VIN number into the field directly to the right of “VIN Number (LIKE):” and click “Apply & Run Query” It could take over a minute to load the results.

The screen you see may list several pages of parts or could show very few options. The fastest way to sort through all your PDF files is to search in the last few pages of files and look for a PDF that shares the same name as your “Trailer Series”. The trailer series can be found on the upper half of the screen and its location is denoted by the green arrows in the photo below.

Click on “View Drawing” and you will be prompted to download the file.

Once you have downloaded and opened the file, you will see something similar to the drawing shown below. From the list of parts on the right, find the desired Karavan Part number and search our website.

If no such drawing can be found on your PDF list, you will have to browse through the selection page by page and read the item descriptions. If you find your VIN results are lacking this drawing, expect many PDF’s to return “Drawing Unavailable”.

Please keep in mind, we don’t offer every item Karavan has made so not every search will turn up results. If this is the case, you can contact our Special Order Department for availability, pricing and lead times (1-302-453-1358). Please leave a voice mail if there is no answer, someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Bearings for 5.2, 6 & 7k Axles

Replacing Trailer Bearings can be a confusing process but some are a little more confusing than others. The 5.2k, 6k & 7K 1.25″ bearings are a prime example of this.

The key reason for this confusion is that all three share an identical inside diameter of 1.25″ but are rated for different weight carrying capacities.

Looking at the photo below, we can see they are vastly different in cage size, roller size and outside diameter.

So let’s begin with the most ideal way to find your size. If the bearing is in good condition, we can identify it by the number stamped into it. You may need to clean up your bearing with a degreaser to aid in this process.

The various identifying numbers can be seen here. They are ordered from left to right: (L67048), (15123)  & (14125A)

Outer Bearing Number Outer Bearing Size Inner Bearing Number Inner Bearing Size Weight Capacity
67048 1.25” 25580 1.75” 5200lbs
15123 1.25” 25580 1.75” 6000lbs
14125 1.25” 25580 1.75” 7000lbs

In the event that the bearings are destroyed or are no longer available, we can look to other parts of the assembly for answers. The diameter of your dust cap will increase with the size of the bearing. Dust cap diameter coupled with number of lugs is a strong indication of what size bearing you need. You could also look to the diameter of the outer race as a telling sign. The chart below shows how the information corresponds.

Diameter of Dust Cap Bearing # Weight Capacity Typical Bolt Pattern
2.328” 67048 5200lbs Demountable or 6 lug
2.441” 15123 6000lbs 6 Lug
2.72” 14125 7000lbs 8 Lug

Grease Seals

Identifying the Grease seal is the final step. Usually there are only two seals used in conjunction with these 1.25″ bearings. One seal has an Inside Diameter of 2.125” and the other 2.25”.

Dexter brand axles made pre 1998 often used 2.125 and post 1998, 2.25”.

Loadrite and Magic Tilt axles often use 2.125” but may also have 2.25″.

Proper measurement of a grease or oil seal

Notable exceptions.

There are often anomalies when it comes to Trailer Parts. Some trailers will have parts that are atypical. The older the trailer, the more likely this will be the case.

  1. There can be 6 on 5.5” hubs/drums/rotors that use 1-1/16” x 1-3/8” bearings. These can be weeded out by checking the brake flange on the axle. They will have a 4 bolt brake flange as opposed to a 5 bolt brake flange.

    The 4 & 5 bolt brake flanges

  2. If you have demountable “mobile home” style drums, industry standards for these were very inconsistent. Having these should raise a red flag in your mind and you should over scrutinize the whole assembly to be certain your getting the right parts. Please use this blog for further assistance with demountable drums.
  3. There are many discrepancies amongst trailer parts in general, please contact us by phone to discuss your concerns. We can be reached at 1-800-453-7379

Trailers With Mobile Home Wheels

Often times, trailers (particularly home builds) are pieced together using a variety of parts. Some of these parts are used because they are readily available at the time and can be had for a good a price. Unfortunately, these parts can subsequently become a source of difficulty and confusion.

Mobile Home axles and brakes are uniquely designed and built to serve a very specific function. First and foremost, they only need to get a home from point A to B, presumably only ever being used once. Because of this narrow application, manufacturers build them with the understanding that these parts will not require repairs or need to be replaced during their intended service life.

While purpose built mobile home axles have some things in common with their trailer axle cousins they differ in a few critical ways. MH axles share the same tube diameters, brake size and weight capacity as their trailer equivalents. On the other hand, they often do not have brake flanges (backing plates are usually welded to the axle). They typically use oddball bearing configurations and lastly, they have a “Demountable” style bolt pattern.

So now that you know the basics, let’s jump into scrutinizing and identifying your parts.

The first thing I do when someone brings me a demountable drum is I check the bearings. We can identify them by reading the numbers stamped in them (if they are still visible) or measuring the Inside Diameter of them. If the bearings have been lost or damaged beyond recognition, we move on to identifying the races in the drum. They will also be stamped with an identifying number. If neither is available, we will have to measure the spindle of the trailer. A good article detailing this process can be found here.

Typically, there are only two bearing configurations you will see on these types of drums, 1-3/8” x 1-1/4” or 1-1/4” x 1-3/4”. Either way, it will be critical to identify the inside diameter of the grease seal and ensure that selected drum matches in every way.

Bearing Number Bearing Size Race Number
L68149 1.38 L68111
L67048 1.25 67010
15123 1.25 15245
25580 1.75 25520

Brake Backing Plates

Typically, demountable drums will use a brake size of 12”x2”. If this is the case for you, in most instances the brake’s “backing plate” is welded to the axle. All this means is that you will have to spend the time rebuilding the assembly. Reassembling a drum brake is a somewhat tedious process but with time and commitment it can be done. Typically, the most cost effective way to purchase these parts is to buy an entire pre-assembled backing plate, strip it down and resemble on your axle. This also offers the benefit of you being able to see how the assembly should look in the end; this is especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with drum brakes. Drum brakes are very “old school” and some of us (especially us younger guys) may not have dealt with them until now. There will be a little trial and error. There are tons of excellent sources to be found on the internet detailing every step in the process of reassembly.

For those looking to switch to a standard 6 or 8 lug pattern.

Quite often, people who have demountable drums have a desire to change over to a more standard 6 on 5.5” or 8 on 6.5” bolt pattern. This will only be possible if you have a 1-1/4” x 1-3/4” bearing configuration. If you have the 1-3/8” x 1-1/4” bearings, you will have to change your axles which will be a more costly process than just retaining your old setup.

RV, Motor Home & Camper Covers

Eastern Marine has available a large selection of RV storage covers. We have a range of covers available for a variety of RV’S, including class A, B and C. As well as 5th wheel, toy hauler and popup or truck camper covers. We also stock a large selection of RV accessory covers.

We stock a selection of three different Classic Accessories covers. They are categorized by three names, the Poly Pro 1, Poly Pro 3 and the Perma Pro. They are all similar but offer a number of additional benefits as you move up the line.

Poly Pro 1:

The Poly Pro 1 is Classic Accessories entry Level RV Storage cover. It is a 1-ply non-woven Polypropylene Fabric. Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic material. It is low density, chemical and thermal resistance and is excellent for use as a moisture and oxygen barrier that also happens to be fully recyclable. It is well suited for use as a weather resistant cover. The Poly Pro 1 is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Poly Pro 3:

The poly Pro 3 is similar to the 1 but more durable. It uses the same reliable polypropylene fabric however; it has a 1-ply non-woven sides and 3-ply non-woven tops. This ensures better durability to the cover and this is reflected by a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty beginning at the date of purchase.

Perma Pro:

The Perma Pro uses a 100% woven polyester rip stop fabric. Polyester is a durable synthetic fiber that is flexible and resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage. During the weaving of the tarp, thick, reinforcing threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. This provides excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion. The Perma Pro carries a limited lifetime warranty through Classic Accessories.