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CALIBER Snowmobile Trailer Accessories

Caliber Trailer Products makes molded components that help protect the decks of Snowmobile and ATV trailers and are designed specifically to aide in loading, unloading and securing these vehicles on their trailers. The company has developed an easy-to-use online program so that customers can design the track – glide systems on their Snowmobile or ATV trailer decks. This program is called the “Trailer Configurator” and allows customers to select the appropriate Caliber products in the correct amounts without any professional help. This tool is available online at the following link:  CALIBER PRODUCTS

Trailer Configuration:
1. Select your Snowmobile/ATV trailer type (Open Trailer, Open V Front or Enclosed)
2. Enter trailer length
3. Select the GLIDES function
4. Select TRACTION function
5. Select ADDITIONAL OPTIONS function

This is the most efficient way to rig your trailer for the coming season. Check it out!

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