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Trailer Bunk Slicks

Trailer Bunk Slicks

Many of our customers call Eastern Marine looking for ideas for easier loading and unloading their boats on their bunk trailers.  These trailers are usually several years old and have the original carpeted bunk boards in place.  Over time, the carpet absorbs dirt and contamination that causes increased drag on the boat hull.  Hulls with greater weight will have greater drag.  Their obvious choice is to replace the carpet or replace the bunk board.  If the boards are solid, there are easier remedies for this problem.

1) ‘Liquid Roller Spray’ is a short-term fix that the customer can purchase.  The bunk carpet should be scrubbed clean with detergent, rinsed and dry before use.
Liquid Rollers Bunk Spray Coating, 10 oz. #MK6810

2) A more elegant solution is the ‘bunk slicks’ product that can be fit over the un-carpeted 2×4 or 2×6 bunk boards.  These bunk covers are made of a durable plastic, come with stainless steel mounting hardware and have received great customer reviews.  They also assist in centering the boat while recovering.  Be careful with these!  Make sure the winch strap /cable is secured to the boat or it could slip off while backing down the ramp.
Self Centering Bunk Glide On’s for 2×6 Lumber (Black), #86295

Another similar option is the EZ-Slide Bunk Pads, also made from a durable plastic material. However, these have a lessor hull weight limitation.
EZ-SLIDE Bunk Pad Kit for 6″ Wide Bunks KIT4 #013.3

3) The last option would be to replace the bunk board and uses the same bolster/swivel bracket.  They are only available in 4 or 5 ft. lengths and have a hull weight limitation of 1500 lbs per pair.
4ft Poly-Roller Bunk Assembly (1 pair) #86157

Check out the Trailer Parts Superstore to investigate these and other options to make loading / launching from a bunk style trailer faster and easier.

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