Replacing UFP Bearings and Seals

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UFP (Unique Functional Products) is a popular manufacturer of axle and brake components for the marine trailer industry. UFP was recently acquired by the Dexter Axle Company, who has taken over their parts manufacturing. Just as the name implies, UFP parts are VERY unique. When compared to industry standards, their parts tend to be proprietary. Customers frequently contact us in need of assistance in replacing various UFP components. The intention of this blog is to clear up confusion when replacing UFP parts, and make things a little easier.

You will need calipers (Digital or Analog). A tape measure will not be sufficient in determining these diameters.
UFP hubs come in several configurations, different carrying capacities, and in both grease and oil bath style. Determine the bearing configurations first.

We can accomplish this in three different ways:
1) Measure the old Bearings:
After removing the bearings, measure the inside diameter of the bearings with your calipers. The most common sizes with UFP are the following.:
1.06 (1-1/16”), 1.38 (1-3/8”), 1.25 (1-1/4”) and 1.75 (1-3/4”).

2) Measure the spindle itself:
After removing the hub, using our calipers, measure the front bearing and rear bearing surfaces. Don’t be concerned if your spindle doesn’t appear the same as the sample photo below — these measurements will determine everything we must know.
If the bearing surface measures between 1.058 and 1.061, you have a 1-1/16” bearing.
If the bearing surface measures between 1.36 and 1.39, you have a 1-3/8” bearing.

3) Find the reference number:
The bearing reference numbers are stamped into your bearings. Below is a cross reference table of various bearing sizes:

Bearing Reference Number Bearing Inside Diameter Bearing Inside Diameter
L44649 1-1/16″ 1.06
L68149 1-3/8″ 1.38
14125 1-1/4″ 1.25
25580 1-3/4″ 1.75

So now that we’ve made it this far, there’s another unique UFP topic to discuss. UFP uses a race smaller than industry standard with their 1-3/8” bearing. Using calipers, measure the outside diameter of the race. The Industry Standard size is 2.56. The UFP standard size is 2.328. If you’ve attempted to install a race and just can’t get it to fit, this may be why.

Just like bearings, the stamped reference numbers in the races determine their size. See the reference chart below for clarification.
Race Reference Number Race Outside Diameter Corresponding Bearing

Race Reference Number  Race Outside Diameter Corresponding Bearing
 L44610 1.98  L44649 (1-1/16″)
 L68111 2.56 L68149 (1-3/8″)
 L68110* 2.328 L68149 (1-3/8″)

*Denotes UFP smaller than standard

Replacing your seal
The final hurdle to overcome is replacing your grease/oil seal. There are two ways to accomplish this.1) Measure the old seal After removing the seal from the hub, you’ll use calipers for two measurements: the Inside Diameter and the Outside Diameter:2) Measure the spindle and hub:
Oftentimes when you need to replace your seals, it’s after a mechanical failure on the road. These events are often unforgiving on the old seal and bearings, and measurements from the seal are just not a possibility. In order to determine the Inside Diameter of the seal, measure the diameter of the spindle’s seal surface as seen in the diagram below:
To determine the Outside Diameter of the seal, we will measure the Inside Diameter of the hub itself:So you made it this far, congratulations! You can also apply these methods to replace UFP Torsion arms and Rotors. As always, if you need further clarification or just want to talk about this with one of our technicians, we can be reached at 1-800-453-7379.

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