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This post was written by ghoj on April 7, 2014
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RV_trailerIt’s the great American summer, kids off school, everyone taking vacations and planning road trips with their RV’s that sat waiting through the long winter for this opportunity. Dust everything off, fire everything up and load that puppy up. It’s time to go where you’ve never gone before, see things you always wanted to see in the comfort of your own RV. Finally, wheels rolling!

But what happens when the heat and the humidity start to follow you on your road trip? Do you know the main cause of failures on RVs and campers is brought on by the blazing heat of the summer?

Tires, tires, tires.

The most important part to your trip and yet often the most overlooked part as well. If you’re hot then you know the black top is hot, if the blacktop is hot then the rubber tires are suffering. Take that heat and drive down into Texas or lower New Mexico and you could be in a bad place if you haven’t checked them recently. Always check the tire pressure in your tires and look them over before any trip, be it large or small. You never know when a little rubber could come between you and your vacation experience!

There’s another beast that can make your vacation hot, sweaty and miserable. It happens suddenly, that warm feeling and sweat starts to trickle down your back, suddenly you’re sticking to the seat when you weren’t a moment ago. You don’t want to look but you have to, glance at the thermostat and you know instantly.

The air conditioning stopped working!

With the heat waves hitting the country it’s no wonder people are grumpy and on edge, but take away that precious AC and you’ll see a whole new side to it. Instant vacation self-destruction.

After all, if you have to sweat you should be on the beach, not stuck in four lanes of stopped traffic miles from the next rest stop.

Don’t get caught in the ragged heat of the summer blues. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable vacation full of fun and beaches, road trips and sunshine. But it’s not really a vacation if you spend it being miserable and spending money you didn’t have to on hotel rooms because a part on your RV failed you at an inopportune moment.

No one wants their vacation destroyed and no one wants to deal with grumpy kids when they’re taking the RV across the country. Stock up on all your RV and summer vacation needs at Trailer Parts Superstore!!!

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