Snowmobile Trailer Deck / Ramp Glide Pads & Traction Mats

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Snowmobiles are extremely popular in the cold weather regions of North America such as the northern United States, Canada and Alaska. Caliber Trailer Accessories is a company that has devoted much development time to engineering products to make the trailering aspect of this sport easier for its devotees. Located in Burnsville, MN, many of the employees are Power-sports enthusiasts and this passion has driven product development efforts in this niche of the trailer industry. The company views itself as experts in Plastics for the Power-Sport market and actually modifies some materials for their end use. Caliber primarily deals with products for after market use but also participates in OEM applications and also has products for boat trailers.

Their products for the Snowmobile ATV trailer market are made from high-density polyethylene HDPE. They have tweaked their material to be “impact modified” for durability and therefore can offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products. These products are fastened to the decks and ramps of customer trailers and are classified as “Glide” for snowmobile runners and “Traction” for ATV and multi-use. Using these products will extend the life of the wooden trailer decks and make loading and unloading much easier for the customer. Below is a description of the Caliber Trailer Deck Products:

1) Designed specifically for snowmobile track traction
2) Leading product on the market – made from durable HDPE
3) Allows deck to drain and dry underneath
4) 18” wide and offered in 54 and 72” lengths

Caliber TraxMat

Track Grip System
1) Basic grip system for ATV and snowmobiles
2) Low Cost Option – older product – made from HDPE
3) Great for tilt trailers and trailer ramps

Track Grip System

Grip Dimensions:

LowPro Grip/Glides
1) Made from HDPE; stainless steel mounting hardware included
2) Designed for ATV/Snowmobile Combination Trailers
3) Used as grips for ATVs and glides for snowmobiles
4) 9” wide for 14” ski stance variation
5) Holes in top to allow mud to clear the deck after washing
6) Sold in 30” lengths

LowPro Grip Glides

1) Grips for ATV tires
2) Glides for Snowmobile wear bars
3) Great for 10’ tilt trailer
4) Lower cost option
5) Also available in a ramp configuration

Grip Glides

LowPro Glides
1) Constructed from HDPE to protect the trailer deck from carbide wear rods
2) One of the early products developed by Caliber
3) For easy loading / unloading of snowmobiles
4) 6” or 8” wide to accommodate any brand of snowmobile
6) Wear rods ride on top of channels
7) Extension kits available

LowPro Glides

1) Constructed from HDPE for durability and most popular glide-only product
2) Snowmobile wear bars slide into the designed channel spacing
3) Designed to allow the snowmobile carbide wear bar to suspend above the plastic
4) Significantly reduced drag while loading / unloading
5) Channel spacing will work for approx. 95% of snowmobiles
6) Available in 6-1/4” and 8-1/4” wide


Caliber makes many other accessories with the same theme and makes a strong effort for Constant Improvement of its products. It is refreshing to see an American company study a small part of the trailer market and develop materials and products that make the difficult part of Power Sports (trailering) much easier. These and many more Caliber products can be found on the Trailer Parts Superstore

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