Trailer Parts Superstore Upgrades Online Shopping System

Eastern Marine / Trailer Parts Superstore is pleased to announce the recent launch of an entirely new, more secure website for your enhanced shopping pleasure. Eastern Marine has partnered with Geo-Trust, Authorize.Net and FineLine Websites to provide you with an improved shopping experience that provides enhanced security. Our new website exceeds standards developed by the […]

Do A Corrosion Check On Your Boat Trailer

If you have been towing a boat trailer for any length of time, then you probably have at least one roadside horror story to tell. Keeping a boat trailer safely on the road is not an easy task. Of course, salt water accelerates the corrosion process. Once a trailer is more that a couple of […]


Boat Trailers are different from other types of trailers and RVs because they get immersed in water (often salt water) and that accelerates corrosion or rust. A definition of corrosion is “development of metal oxides on the surface of a metal part”. With steel as the metal, iron oxides are the compounds that form rust […]


Caliber Trailer Products makes molded components that help protect the decks of Snowmobile and ATV trailers and are designed specifically to aide in loading, unloading and securing these vehicles on their trailers. The company has developed an easy-to-use online program so that customers can design the track – glide systems on their Snowmobile or ATV […]

CALIBER Snowmobile Trailer Parts Offering Expanded

Trailer Parts Superstore has recently added to our offering of CALIBER™ brand Snow Mobile/ATV Trailer Accessories. These items are designed specifically to aide in loading, unloading and securing snowmobiles and ATV’s. Many of these specialty components are designed for specific trailer types including: straight front open trailers, V-front open trailers, V-Door enclosed trailers and all […]

Trailer Parts Superstore ~ New Online Shopping System

Trailer Parts Superstore has recently upgraded our online product listing and cart system to provide our customers with an even better shopping experience. Customers may now easily create a user account with their own password. User accounts will allow you to view prior purchases as well as pre-populate the billing and shipping address fields. An […]

MultiSport 12’ Boat/PWC ‘Trailer in a Box’

Many of our customers enjoy the water in several ways. Not only do they own a small boat, but also may own kayaks and PWC’s. Now there is a small trailer available that can be adjusted to handle any of these three options. This product is called the MultiSport 12’ Boat/PWC ‘Trailer in a Box’ […]


Those of us who own trailer boats have experienced the satisfaction of quickly launching and retrieving our boats with an experienced crew who know exactly what they are doing. For example, one crewmember backs the trailer in, another holds the dock lines and the third takes care of the trailer winch. Snap your fingers and […]


Most trailers owned by residential (non-business) owners are used for general utility or recreational use. Most of them, such as boat or snowmobile trailers, are used seasonally and then endure long periods in storage. Here are a few tips to keep your trailer in good shape for years and prevent costly replacement and repairs. It […]

ATV / Snowmobile Trailer Loading (with ease)

Trailer Parts Superstore offers a wide selection of accessories designed specifically for Snowmobile and ATV trailer applications manufactured by CALIBER® Products Inc. The main purpose of these specialty products is to make trailer loading and unloading of powersport machines easier and safer. CALIBER is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, which are all backed […]