Fulton Trailer Lock

Unfortunately, we have many customers relate stories of their trailer being stolen. Often, the trailer is loaded with valuable tools or favorite toys like boats or snowmobiles etc. One particularly disturbing incident involved a trailer owned by a Boy Scout troop where they lost all their equipment. There are many options available to trailer owners to reduce their risk of theft. I want to review some of these in this article.

There are several strategies available to trailer owners to reduce their risk of theft, some as simple as a lock. All have some merit. The first position on the trailer that can be locked out is the coupler on the a-frame or trailer tongue. There are several versions of this type of lock available, but Fulton’s Universal Fit Coupler lock is very functional and cost-effective. Simply put, it is a heavy cast metal base with a ball to fill the coupler with a stainless bar over the lever lock to prevent access.
FULTON Universal Fit Trailer Coupler Lock #ULT1000600

If you want to reduce your risk when the trailer is coupled to the tow vehicle, try this:
DEADBOLT Class-3 & 4 Receiver Hitch Lock #RH3

If interested in keeping your wheels from turning to prevent theft, this would be helpful!
Lock’em Magnum Wheel Lock #RA25

And for a complete trailer security system, this is available with many accessories.
TRAILER DOG™ Security Alarm Systems

As you can see, there are several different strategies that can reduce your risk of having a valuable trailer stolen from your property and all can be viewed online at:


CALIBER Snowmobile Trailer Accessories

Caliber Trailer Products makes molded components that help protect the decks of Snowmobile and ATV trailers and are designed specifically to aide in loading, unloading and securing these vehicles on their trailers. The company has developed an easy-to-use online program so that customers can design the track – glide systems on their Snowmobile or ATV trailer decks. This program is called the “Trailer Configurator” and allows customers to select the appropriate Caliber products in the correct amounts without any professional help. This tool is available online at the following link:  CALIBER PRODUCTS

Trailer Configuration:
1. Select your Snowmobile/ATV trailer type (Open Trailer, Open V Front or Enclosed)
2. Enter trailer length
3. Select the GLIDES function
4. Select TRACTION function
5. Select ADDITIONAL OPTIONS function

This is the most efficient way to rig your trailer for the coming season. Check it out!

CALIBER Snowmobile Trailer Parts Offering Expanded

CALIBER Snowmobile Trailer Accessories

Trailer Parts Superstore has recently added to our offering of CALIBER™ brand Snow Mobile/ATV Trailer Accessories. These items are designed specifically to aide in loading, unloading and securing snowmobiles and ATV’s. Many of these specialty components are designed for specific trailer types including: straight front open trailers, V-front open trailers, V-Door enclosed trailers and all types of trailer ramp gates.

Check out our complete offering here:

Trailer Parts Superstore ~ Snow Plow Parts & Accessories

Snow Plow Parts & Accessories

Snow Plow Parts & Accessories

Trailer Parts Superstore has expanded our product offering to include dozens of popular Snow Plow Parts & Accessories to fit many major brands including: MEYER, WESTERN, FISHER & DIAMOND

Check out our complete equipment selection online at:

Trailer Parts Superstore ~ New Online Shopping System

Boat, Utility, RV & Commercial Trailer Parts

Boat, Utility, RV & Commercial Trailer Parts

Trailer Parts Superstore has recently upgraded our online product listing and cart system to provide our customers with an even better shopping experience. Customers may now easily create a user account with their own password. User accounts will allow you to view prior purchases as well as pre-populate the billing and shipping address fields.

An updated ‘navigation trail’ has also been added to our website product pages near the top main navigation buttons. This feature allows our visitors to rapidly return to related product group and department pages.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new shopping system and please bookmark our new shopping index page:

Kodiak Vented Disc Brakes for Trailers

Kodiak Trailer Disc brakes

Kodiak Trailer Disc brakes

The Trailer Disc Brake assemblies from KODIAK TRAILER COMPONENTS offer the following advanced features:
Corrosion Resistance is important on all types of trailers and of major consideration in salt water or other corrosive environments.
Kodiak pioneered the use of brass fittings, stainless steel guide bolts and sleeves, and stainless steel pistons as standard items in trailer disc brake calipers.
Kodiak rotors are offered with an E-coated finish, Silver Cadmium Plated, and Stainless Steel (not available in integral hub/rotors)
At a minimum, all Kodiak caliper castings and caliper mounting brackets are e-coated with options for silver cadmium plating or an all stainless steel product.
Note: On a stainless steel caliper, all parts are stainless steel except for the fittings, which are brass, and the backing plate on the friction pads, which are zinc plated carbon steel.

Check out out complete offering of Kodiak Trailer Disc Brakes online here: KODIAK BRAKES

MultiSport 12’ Boat/PWC ‘Trailer in a Box’

12' Boat / PWC Trailer

12' Boat / PWC Trailer

Many of our customers enjoy the water in several ways. Not only do they own a small boat, but also may own kayaks and PWC’s. Now there is a small trailer available that can be adjusted to handle any of these three options.

This product is called the MultiSport 12’ Boat/PWC ‘Trailer in a Box’ and is manufactured by CE Smith, a leader in boat trailer products. The product comes disassembled (needs to be assembled) and will handle small boats up to 12 feet in length. This item can be shipped by UPS anywhere in the United States.

Components included are as follows:
1) Galvanized steel frame including fenders, tongue and cross members and axle
2) Tail light kit
3) 5 ft carpeted bunk boards
4) winch stand
5) winch with strap
6) 4.8-8 tires and rims
7) coupler with safety chains

This bolt-together trailer is fully adjustable to either handle a boat (up to 12 ft.), Jet-Ski and even a pair of kayaks. This can be done by adjusting the position of the vertical bunk brackets. The manufacturer has provided a video that demonstrates the flexibility of this product.
Click Here for Demo Video

This is a neat little product with multi-use capability that could be of great use to those who like to play on the water in a variety of ways. CLICK HERE to check out the ‘Trailer in a Box’ online at Trailer Parts Superstore.

POWERWINCH: Trailer Boater’s Best Friend

Powerwinch Electric Trailer Winch

Powerwinch Electric Trailer Winch

For over 50 years, Powerwinch, now part of Carefree of Colorado, has provided boaters with a product that greatly facilitates launching and retrieving their vessels. Their Powerwinch model 712 is great for use on trailers for boats up to about 20 ft; the model 912 works well on boats up to about 25 ft, especially if the double line pulley system (included) is used. These winches are designed for “freewheel out and power in”.

The Powerwinch has a universal base plate that easily mates to trailer winch mount brackets. It comes with a 40 foot long galvanized cable with snap hook. Also included with the kit is a 12volt electrical harness with circuit breaker that will connect to the tow vehicle battery and end in a proprietary plug that connects directly to the winch.

Personally, I used a Model 912 for my 23 Ft boat that lasted for 18 yrs until it finally failed and I then replaced it with another 912.

In preparation for this article, I spoke with a contact at the company who explained to me that they recently installed a statistics based Quality Control Program which has improved product quality by 99%. They take samples from each manufacturing lot and perform a variety of tests (including pull strength test) which will assure a quality product to our customers.

The Powerwinch Model 712 and 912 are available online at


Remote Control Bow Latch

Remote Control Bow Latch

Those of us who own trailer boats have experienced the satisfaction of quickly launching and retrieving our boats with an experienced crew who know exactly what they are doing. For example, one crewmember backs the trailer in, another holds the dock lines and the third takes care of the trailer winch. Snap your fingers and you are on your way to your boating or fishing destination. However, if you try this with an inexperienced crew or by yourself, things often do not go as smoothly. Now, there is new technology called the SNAPPER that helps make launching or retrieving your boat much easier.

This device is marketed by Epco Products and is designed specifically to simplify the boat launching / retrieval process making your time at the ramp shorter and safer.

The Snapper is mounted on the winch mount bracket of the trailer in position to attach to the bow eye of the boat. It comes with two different extended bow eyes for the boat so that the connection is made problem-free. Using the remote control, the operator can activate the Snapper to either release or engage whether in the truck, or driving the boat onto the trailer. This can all be done without getting in the water or walking out on the trailer frame, which improves the safety of launching and loading.

The Snapper is made from durable polyurethane so that will last for many years. It will be of great advantage to those boaters who use their boats engine to power on to the trailer.

Check out a Demo Video and find more information about the Snapper at the following link: SNAPPER BOAT LATCH SYSTEM


Trailer CouplerMost trailers owned by residential (non-business) owners are used for general utility or recreational use. Most of them, such as boat or snowmobile trailers, are used seasonally and then endure long periods in storage. Here are a few tips to keep your trailer in good shape for years and prevent costly replacement and repairs.

It is well known that most trailer tires need to be replaced not because of tread wear, but due to sidewall dry rot (also called stress-cracking). This condition is due to the combination of ground moisture being absorbed into the rubber and daily sunlight causing the moisture to be forced out of the rubber.

- remove your trailer tires and store in a dark, dry place
- or safely jack up your trailer so that your tires are off the ground
- or use inexpensive tire covers
These measures will certainly extend the usable length of your trailer tires.

Tip #2
For general protection against the elements, invest in a good tarp or cover for your trailer. If using a tarp, remember that it must be supported from the inside to prevent tearing and to allow rain or snow to runoff and not puddle. Tying the tarp down using all grommets will protect the tarp from wind damage.

There are specialized trailer covers available for many of the specific-use trailers such as RVs, Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers. This is a small expense to protect your investment.

Tip #3
Take the time to inspect and do some basic maintenance before putting your trailer to bed. Tires, brakes, lights, reflectors etc. should be inspected now so that the trailer will be ready for its next use. More importantly, it is a good time to repack or change bearings on the hubs / drums. Check out this link for more specific information on Trailer Wheel Hubs

Tip #4
While inspecting your hubs, it is a good time to inspect your electric or hydraulic brakes for wear and adjustment

Tip #5
Inspect your coupler (where the trailer hitches to the ball) for proper function and wear. Repair or replace if necessary. Also, make sure to tighten all bolted on accessories such as spare tire carriers, tag and light brackets etc

The Trailer Parts Superstore sells the replacement parts you’ll need to keep your trailer running safely for years. It is also a great source for trailer maintenance information.