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This post was written by ghoj on February 24, 2009
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LOADSTAR K550 Series Trailer tires

LOADSTAR K550 Trailer Tires

After several years of answering customer questions on trailer tires, it is clear that a frequently asked question is “Where are they made”. In addition, there are many horror stories posted on different websites about new tires that delaminate, show sidewall stress cracking or fail catastrophically within a short time of purchase. Many of these victims of poor quality product attribute their problems to the fact that the tire was made “overseas”. It is my opinion that a brand will be well received here if the manufacturing company does the proper quality checks and is responsible to their customers, no matter where it is produced.

A case in point of a company not being responsible to its customers is the recent news of the Mattel Toy Company. This company recently had problems with products they had outsourced to China. The Mattel CEO was seen on Network News pointing the finger at his Chinese suppliers as the cause of the problem. What exactly does Mattel contribute to the profit they make selling these products here if they do not do Quality Assurance? This was a valuable example to American customers because they now see that they have to ask questions about products before purchase.

Trailer Parts Superstore has sold the imported LOADSTAR brand trailer tires for many years and in my opinion, judging from the feedback or lack of same, the performance of this tire brand has been outstanding. The quality control measures that this manufacturer has in place assure each production run will produce a reliable product.

In addition to the LOADSTAR series, Trailer Parts Superstore also offers the U.S.A. Made CARLISLE USA TRAIL® series of trailer tires. Check out our entire trailer tire offering at Trailer Parts Superstore – Trailer Tires

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